Broker Services

Your Trusted Broker for Group Benefits & HR Communication

Part of operating a successful business involves giving your employees affordable benefit options and maintaining lines of communication between the employees and Human Resources. As your knowledgeable and dependable financial broker, MHG provides the following brokerage services and support to your company:

Research and Analyze Client's Group Benefits Needs

  • Review Current Plans and Level of Satisfaction
  • Determine Key Person's Objectives
  • Collect Census

Survey the Marketplace for Appropriate Plans and Carriers

  • Analyze the Available Carriers Options - Plans, Rates and Services
  • Preform Network Analysis for Required Physicians and Hospitals

Present Plan Alternatives That Meet Client's Benefits and Budgetary Needs

  • Prepare Presentation
  • Explain Plan Differences
Financial Management

Man Holding Papers

Define Eligibility

  • Explain the Requirements for Group Coverage
  • Acceptable Waivers
  • Participation Requirements

Prepare Master Application, Supporting Documents, and Employee Enrollment

  • Group Application Which Defines the Terms of the Plan
  • Eligibility Documents Supplied by the Group and Included with the Application
  • Employee Enrollments Completed by Employees Defining Their Status and Named Dependents

Educate Employees

  • Conduct Employee Benefits Meetings to Explain Benefits and Answer Questions
  • Prepare Communication Materials That Easily Summarize Benefits Available

Support Your Client's Employee Benefits and HR Needs

  • Be Available to Respond to Questions Regarding the Plan, Claims, and Eligibility
  • Keep Clients Ahead of the Curve by Notifying Them of Changes in Laws-Issues That Will Directly Impact Their Businesses
  • Provide Customer Support Throughout the Plan Year, Such as Enrollment Changes, Claims, and Insurance I.D. Cards
  • Provide Support If COBRA Issues Occur or Mini-COBRA if fewer than 20 Employees

Assist with Renewal

  • Provide Explanation of Renewal to the Client, including Claims Review
  • Negotiate Renewal with Current Carriers
  • Design Plan Alternatives in Line with Budget and Priorities

Help with Open Enrollment

  • Provide Support at Open Enrollment with Explaining Choices and Make Sure Employees Understand How to Complete Enrollment Materials
  • Conduct Meetings or Assist in Preparing Open Enrollment Packets to Distribute

Human Resources

An intranet is an internal web-based resource that is accessible to employees, allowing human resources to directly communicate company information. The intranet is not only a means of human resources communication to employees at work, but also for employees at home, on the road, at the doctor's office, or even on their travels. With MHG, HR can communicate the following information regardless of an employee's location:

  • All Internal Policies and Procedures: Employee Handbook, Sexual Harassment, Dress Code, Safety Regulations, OSHA Regulations, Vacation Schedule, Holiday Schedule, Employee of the Month, or Fundraising Drives
  • Industry-Related Articles and Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Company Outings
  • Form Pre-Population for New Hire and Enrollment Forms (Online Enrollment)
  • Excellent Recruitment Tool: Ability to Post Applications and Give Username and Password to the Potential Candidate
  • Excellent Recruitment Tool: Ability to Post Applications and Give Username and Password to the Potential Candidate
  • Employee Biographies
  • Employee Promotions
  • Electronic Compliance Sign-Off Policy
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Document
  • Expense Sheet Document
  • Human Resources Guide Provided by the Bureau of National Affairs
  • Ability for HR to Store Unlimited Forms and Create Forms Library
  • Ability for HR to Have Private Access to Any Material

Excellent Training Platform for Multiple Locations by Having the Ability to Put Guides/Manuals Available on the Site